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Comments from the Okanogan School District in November 2021

It was probably the best training that I have had in my 32 years as a paraeducator. It was especially relevant for the times we are in and helped to make me realize that we need to take care of ourselves to be our best for our students. Important skills given for doing our best for our students and staff.

I really loved the energy and the speakers ability to get people to open up and feel like a safe place.

It was a excellent presentation with many examples and strategies to use when dealing with at risk kids. It made us dig deeper in our understand of our students in order to try and help them. Well done!

Thank you for leading by example and showing care to us and for us. Good job focusing that care into a manageable action to take for our future and our students futures.

Thank you for the compassion exhibited to us here in little ol’ Okanogan and I’m sure in society as a whole. You were generous with your compliments and praises as we worked through the presentation.

I also appreciated the movie clips to add relevancy to the topic(s). Thank you again and for your realness in sharing your own story and encouraging us to work on doing the same.

I appreciate you coming all the way from Chicago for this workshop and not just going through the motions of presenting. You showed you cared and were passionate about helping us learn to improve for the better of our students.

I would like to have more trainings by Dr. Don Parker in the near future. Thank you for your love, understanding, kindness, and gift of time to our children and your fellow human

It was wonderful, the speaker was great.

This presentation was a breath of fresh air as we are all struggling in some form or fashion to work in the midst and through this global pandemic.

Our world needs more Hope and a shift in Mindset. I wish that today’s presentation could be televised and put over social media . . .

Thank you for being an organization that is a part of this solution by equipping people and giving them tools to effectively help other people achieve to be their best possible self.

This was a great workshop. I left feeling refreshed and eager to get back with those “hard” to work with students.

Very good job!! You are doing amazing work for educators around the country!!! Everyone needs a self check in right now so we can be the best version of ourselves for our students.